Monday, April 19, 2010

At the beginning, again

So, please, bear with me as I am learning all the bells and whistles that come with signing up at a new site.
First, I decided to start where I left off...with lightning. This one is courtesy of the most recent Icelandic trouble-maker...I love the illumination on the left side.
Okay, so what happened? Why'd I just fall off the map? There was just too too much of an ending last July. You know when there is a backlog of issues to deal with, all of them an ending in one form or another: the end of 360, the end of a favourite band, the loss of one of the dearest persons on the planet (seriously...), and then the loss of a job. All in a two-week span. I just needed the time to smooth my feathers...
Spring has a wonderful rejuvenating aspect to it. Time for warmth, new green, and re-growth. I planted my new garden, planted a new iris bed, planted some foxgloves, planted a new Twitter account...but still felt that something was missing.
So I'm planting a new blog...
Photo: Eyjafjallajokull in all of it's glory, 17 April 2010, by Marco Fulle

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  1. Your feathers will soon be smooth. How nice to see you here.